Making it Easy

From preparation to delivery - we make it easy and less downtime for our clients. We will prepare and ship the best system to fit your performance and budgetary requirements in a timely manner.

Here's how we make it easy:

  •   Accurate and quick cost estimates
  •   Accurate take off's for production
  •   Guaranteed material lists for project completion
  •   piece marked customer drawings
  •   Fast Timely Delivery
  •   Available in galvanized, aluminum & stainless
  •   Over 50 years of combined expierence with these products in this market

Our Products

Impulse Air is a highly specialized manufacturer of round metal ductwork for new commercial and industrial applications. The products include spiral duct and matching fittings.

All products are manufactured at the company's sole location in Jacksonville, Florida. This facility is a fully equipped plant of approximately 44,000 square feet, with duplicate backup machinery for all major manufacturing processes.

Products Manufactured
Single wall round spiral duct and matching fittings
Double wall round spiral duct and matching fittings
Single wall oval spiral duct and matching fittings 
Double wall oval spiral duct and matching fittings
Double wall rectangular duct and matching fittings

The majority or round and oval straight duct sections are run as spiral duct. However, the company has the capability to manufacture all round and oval products as rolled and longitudinal seam welded duct also.

Although the vast majority of product is made of galvanized steel, the following materials of construction are available. These materials are used primarily on industrial applications.

- type 304 stainless steel
- type 316 stainless steel
- pvc coated galvanized steel
- Uncoated carbon steel

The company also offers the following items as accessory products to its main products listed above.

- Flanges and special couplings for joint connections
- Volume dampers for balance control
- Access Doors
- Spun bellmouths
- Blastgates


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